[SCOPET] [Skolasajf campaign] [Educational sessions]

Hi guys, Hope all is well!

This summer SCOPET will be organising educational sessions targeting children from Kinder 2 to Year 2 at 4 Skolasajf centres throughout the month of August. The session is an adaptation of the Teddy Bear Hospital session and will deal with a range of health-related topics including hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette and sun protection.

The 4 Skolasajf centres we will be visiting are as follows:

Mqabba centre - 5th August - 11am to 12pm - 2 MMSA members needed

Safi/Kirkop centre - 12th August - 11am to 12pm - 2 MMSA members needed

Xghajra/Kalkara centre - 19th August - 11am to 12pm - 2 MMSA members needed

Zabbar A centre - 26th August - 11am to 12pm - 6 MMSA members needed

Please sign up using the Doodle poll linked here!

Selection is on a first come, first served basis. To ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to deliver sessions, please do not apply for more than 2 sessions.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, only 1 MMSA member will be allowed to deliver a session per class. Each class consists of around 7 to 9 children. Sessions need to be delivered with a mask/visor.

After all the places have been filled, we will set up a private Facebook group with all the participants for further information on the sessions.

Feel free to contact myself, Alessia Amoroso or any other member of the SCOPET team if you have any questions!