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For all current MMSA coordinators, assistants and class representatives!

[SCOPET] [ONLINE] [How to be an Effective Leader? - The Effective Management of an NGO Online Course]

Hi guys!

We wanted to present to you the online course that was presented by Stephen D’Alessandro during last month’s Capacity Building Seminar.

‘How to be an Effective Leader? - The Effective Management of an NGO’ is an online course designed to assist Voluntary Organisation executives and members in meeting the challenges of managing an organisation. It aims at improving their capacity to increase their social impact, achieve their goals, and be sustainable over time. We encourage all coordinators, assistants, class representatives and future MMSA board members to apply!

The course is professionally developed by Solidarity Overseas Service Malta and Advenio eAcademy through funding received from the Active Citizens Fund in Malta.

The course is being offered free of charge!

The programme provides details of core concepts and applicable theories and most importantly, it offers a pragmatic perspective for their implementation within the NGO environment. The course includes five modules. You can apply for 1 module or for all 5 … the decision is yours!

For each module you need to dedicate around 21 hours. These include:

  • Self-learn contact hours: 6 hours (these include the pre-recorded audio-visual presentations)
  • Self-learn study hours: 12 hours (this includes the review of the lectures and additional reading material including self-assessment tests)
  • Live online tutorial sessions: we will be organising live online tutorial sessions for each module; each tutorial session will take around 1.5 hours; we are aiming to organise 1 or 2 live online tutorial sessions per module; these will be delivered by professional tutors

As you can see this course is designed as a self-learn programme, where users can log in and follow the course at their own pace. As mentioned we will also be organising live online tutorial sessions delivered by professional tutors.

More information about the contents of each module can be found in the registration form. Please find the link to the registration form here.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, 16th September at 23:59 CEST ⏰

A certificate by Advenio eAcademy/ SOS Malta as well as a DegreePlus certificate listing the module/s that you participated in will be provided!

We will then set up a private Facebook group with all the participants!

If you have any questions feel free to contact any member of the SCOPET team!

Thank you to Rebecca Cachia for designing the poster!