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MMSA proudly presents Healthfest 2021, revolving around the central theme of how to ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’! This will be a celebration of MMSA’s year-long priority : Mental Health

Join us to become a master of your own mental wellbeing and get to know more about emotional intelligence, conflict and stress management. This weekend will have the perfect mix of online activities for YOU!

Look out for a various exciting events including online health checks, informative webinars on mental health awareness, peer education sessions and many many more. To wind down with your friends after a hectic week you can also participate in an online yoga session and a challenging trivia night! All of these events will be brought to you by the various MMSA Offices ❤️

This campaign will kick off with a virtual opening ceremony taking place on the 23rd of April between 4pm-6pm, with various professional speakers, including the Mental Health Commissioner, who will be participating in a panel discussion about the mental health status of the Maltese population and how this has been impacted by the pandemic. During this ceremony, medical students will be given the opportunity to present their work in the sphere of mental health.

HEADS-UP;- Press GOING on the Facebook event page, to keep an eye out for and save your spot in the events that we will be sharing on the daily!

As part of the ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ campaign, MMSA will also be fundraising for Richmond Foundation. By donating, you will be helping in providing free mental therapy sessions to those who are in need and unfortunately cannot afford them. If you would like to form part of this cause, you can send your donation via Revolut to +356 99150100 (MMSA Treasurer)