Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to kick off this year's Diabetes Awareness campaign with the announcement of our Diabetes Awareness Workshop, which will be taking place Tuesday 8th November at NALR.

Diabetes is a particularly common disease in the Maltese Islands, and therefore as medical students, it is our job to spread awareness, and educate the public on how best to take care of their health.

To best serve this purpose, the annual workshop will be held, to teach students the basic skills of blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI measurements, as well as how to speak to the public regarding such measurements.

There will be two available sessions from 5-6:30 pm, and 6:30-8 pm, with limited applicants. Positions are first come first serve, so later applicants will be asked to attend the less filled session.

IMPORTANT: Only attendees of this workshop will be allowed to take part in World Diabetes Day itself and subsequent health checks throughout the month.