Exchanges Incoming

Exchanges Incoming

Emily Diacono

Exchanges In takes care of all the foreign Incoming IFMSA exchange students from all over the world. We organize all types of events from beaches to clubbing to beach yoga, whilst also organizing some academic workshops.

Assistant - Maia Fsadni

Academics Coordinator - vacant

Social Programme Coordinator - Maria Schembri, Neil Casha, Andrea Karl Vassallo

Contact Persons - Lara Mohnani, Yasmine Bonnici, Neil Portelli, Samuel Camilleri, Stefania Grech, Denise Micallef, Nikita Carabott, Carla Mifsud, Pearl Vassallo, Matthias Buttigieg, Shania Psaila

SCOPRE-In X Electives Accommodation Coordinator - Emma Camilleri, Matthew Debattista