Maia Fsadni

The Standing Committee on Professional and Research Exchanges Incoming (SCOPRE-In) welcomes foreign Incoming IFMSA exchange students from all over the world to our island with the aim to promote cultural understanding and cooperation amongst medical students and all health professionals. Besides organising the hospital clerkships and research projects, the Exchanges-In Office also makes sure to organise a jam-packed social progamme, from beach days and trips to Gozo and Comino, to pub crawls and the famous National Food and Drinks Party, whilst also organising academic workshops to increase the Academic Quality of our exchanges.


Assistant – Emma Theuma

Academics Coordinator – Samuel Camilleri

Social Programme Coordinators – Ksenija Simic, Leah Tanti, Courtney Ekezie

Accommodation Coordinator – Michaela Meilak 

Finance Coordinator – Marija Aguis

Contact Persons – Owen Cachia, Nastasia Vassallo, Kelsey Calleja, Zak Abela, Claire Ellul, Andrea Karl Vassallo, Neil Portelli, Samuel Camilleri, Martine Grech, Kirsty Collins, Chloe Cutajar, Emma Theuma, Marija Aguis, Shania F. Psaila, Kieran Roe, Leah Tanti, Corinne Muscat, Nicola Saliba, Matthew Debattista, Shania Psaila, Kathleen Ellul, Nikita Carabott, Omar Kassab, Lara Bugeja, Martina Azzopardi, Maria Schembri