Public Relations Office

Public Relations Office

Katrina Buhagiar

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for putting together the standing committee on Public relations. This standing committee is to see to the compilation and publishing of the MMSA annual report and other annual publication, marketing of the MMSA, ensuring the Corporate Identity Protocols of the MMSA are adhered to, and the inclusion of an IT officer.

Assistant - Martina Baldacchino

Media Coordinators -  Gerald Sammut, Amy Carabott, Rebecca Xerri, Nikita Carabott, Denise Galdes, Ryan Vella, Michela Gatt, Hania Formosa

Social Media Coordinators - MMSA Instagram - Martina Gauci, Leah Micallef

Social Media Coordinators - MMSA Scholar - Stefania Grech, Anastasia Ursachi, Kirsty Collins

Social Media Coordinators - MMSA TikTok - Denise Galdes

Photographers - Daniel Garnisi, Pearl Vassallo

Videographer and Video Editor - Carol Cilia

Website Coordinator - vacant