Student Spotlight: Voluntary Work - March Edition

MMSA's Student Spotlight for March is Martina Grech

What inspires you to do voluntary work?

By volunteering, you’re dedicating some of your time to help someone or a cause which is important to you. I always believed in the importance of rights for children. One of the rights I am most fond of is that every child has the right to an education and this is what inspired me the most to volunteer in Cambodia. Also, another vulnerable group which we all should show appreciation towards to, is the elderly. By giving our time to talk to them or help them during their daily activities, is the least we can do to show how much they are valued and appreciated in society.

What were some of the highlights of your experience(s)?

Before going to Cambodia, I thought that I’ll be the one going to help and cheer up the children, but, in reality, it was the opposite. They thought me how to appreciate more the simple things in life and the importance of showing appreciation towards others.

Do you think that voluntary work changed your views on certain aspects of life? If yes, how?

Yes, I learnt that the little things in life are what matter the most, and we should spend more time with the people around us and appreciating the beauty around us rather than always on our phones and complaining about our life.

What advice would you give to students who would consider doing voluntary work (locally or abroad)?

Go for it. Doing voluntary work, both locally and abroad, will help others feel more valued and shows how much you believe in a cause. Also, you will grow as a person since you learn a lot about yourself, meet new people and learn how to appreciate life.