Medicolegal Conference

A MedicoLegal conference was organised today in collaboration with The European Law Students' Association Malta, attended primarily by medical and law students. This conference consisted of a series of talks, delivered by Dr. Bridget Ellul (Forensic Patholist and Senior Lecturer)  and Dr. Sonia Vancell (Lawyer and Pharmacist), on the different medicolegal aspects that are involved in a patient-doctor relationship. Issues discussed included the duties and roles of health professionals that exist in their careers as well as the legal procedures that are involved should patients seek some sort of legal action.

This was followed by a Q&A session and and case study workshops, where the participants were split into groups to discuss a number of medical situations that may require legal action.

While we thank ELSA Malta for collaborating with us to make this workshop possible, we hope this was a learning experience for all attending participants and hope this topic is given more importance in our medical studies.